台北人,影像創作主題專注於身體、物件與空間的關係。常與表演工作者合作製作影像作品。此外,她並與舞者們共同製作舞蹈影片(Dance Film)——結合現代舞與電影兩種藝術語言的實驗性影片類型。照片與影片作品於歐、亞、美洲各地獲獎並展出。曾由台灣文化部支持至美國維吉尼亞實驗電影節(Experimental Film Virginia)駐村,拍攝舞蹈影片。
為德國博世基金會(Robert Bosch Stiftung)〈無界行者〉(Crossing Borders research grants)調研項目獲獎人。將於前東德地區進行為期一個月的攝影創作之旅,拍攝前東德共產時代的大眾娛樂場所遺跡,如夜總會、度假村、保齡球館、劇院及公眾澡堂等。
Wei is a photographer and filmmaker based in Taipei, Taiwan. She works in collaboration with dancers and performance artists. Her essential art practice focus on the connection between body, movement and architectures. She is also specialized in dance film, an hybrid art genre of dance and moving image. 
She is awarded of the Crossing Borders research grants of Robert Bosch Stiftung, which will support her to photograph the public entertainment architectures at former GDR region. 

"connecté", third prize in PX3 , Professional Fine Art Category.PARIS, FRANCE
"connecté", honorable mention in IPA , Professional Fine Art Category. New York, USA
"Snowstorm hits narita airport", third prize in PX3 , Professional Press Category.PARIS, FRANCE
"Snowstorm hits narita airport",nominee in Fine Art Photography Award, Professional Travel Category. 2018.
"Lonely Country", nominee in Fine Art Photography Award, Professional Open Theme Category. 2018.
"The wonderland", nominee in Fine Art Photography Award, Professional Conceptual Category. 2018.
"The Pearl Fetus", nominee in Fine Art Photography Award, Professional Fine Art Category. 2016.
"The Pearl Ferus", honorable mention in International Photography Award, Fine Art category. 2016

展演|Exhibition & Screenings
Group exhibition, "Neue Heimet on the road",  Deutsches Hygiene-Museum, Dresden. Germany. Oct-Nov 2019
Film screening, "Lift ", International Dance Film Festival Brussels, Brussels, Belgium. Oct 2019
Film screening, "Lift ", DAN.CIN.FEST, Saint-Etienne, France. June 2019
Film screening, "Lift ", Festival tanečních filmů, Prague, May 2019
Film screening "Lift ", Festival CHALO ! in Paris,March 2019
Film screening, "Elevate B ", Jumping Frames International Dance Video Festival, Hong Kong, Sep 2018
Film screening, "Elevate B ", Festival Agite y Sirva, at the Cultural Center of Spain, Mexico City, Mexico. Sep 2018
Group exhibition, "The Family of No Man",  Cosmos Arles Books, Rencontre d'Arles. France. 2-8 July 2018
Performative exhibition, »A Process 2.0«! , in Krakow Photomonth. May 2016

駐村|Art Residency
Dresden 2025 Neue Heimat on the road, sponsored by State Government of Dresden  Sep 2019
Experimental Film Virginia in Virginia, USA. June 2019 

Bachelor of Advertising,National Cheng-Chi University.
Taipei, TAIWAN

DNAP,Ecole Nationale Superieure d'Art de Nancy.
Nancy, FRANCE.
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